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Import a Question Test Bank - D2L/BrightSpace (Instructor)
Import a Question Test Bank - D2L/BrightSpace (Instructor)

This article covers locating Question Test Banks in FlatWorld and importing them into D2L/Brightspace.

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How to download the Learning Management System (LMS) Test Bank Files

  1. Navigate to and log into your account.

  2. Click on Adopted Books to open your dashboard.

  3. Click the Supplements button for the desired book.

  4. On the Supplements page, scroll down to the section titled 'Test Bank Files for Import to Learning Management Systems' and download the BlackBoard .zip file. It will be denoted by "BB" or "BlackBoard" in the file name.

  5. While D2L/Brightspace supports other file types we offer, the Blackboard format provides the cleanest upload.


Unzipping/Expanding the BlackBoard File

  1. Locate the downloaded BlackBoard .zip file on your computer.

  2. Double click the file to unzip/expand the file. Doing so will result in a folder named after the downloaded file. Open this folder to find a folder titled Question Sets.

  3. In this Question Sets folder, the Test Bank questions will be divided further into other .zip files labeled by Chapter or Chapter/Section, depending on which book you are using. These are the files that will be uploaded into D2L/Brightspace.

How to import a Test Bank into D2L/BrightSpace

  1. Navigate to the desired course.

  2. From the Assessments dropdown menu, select Quizzes.

3. On the next page, select the Question Library option.
4. On the Question Library page, choose the Import dropdown menu, and select Upload a File.

5. Under the Upload a File options, select Browse Files and select the Chapter you wish to upload from the .zip files from the Unzipping the BlackBoard File step.
6. Once the upload completes, you can click 'Review' to view the questions uploaded and uncheck any you do not want. Click Import once you are ready.

7. Once imported, you will see the new test bank named after the Chapter .zip file you just uploaded. The questions are now available to be added to the Quiz. Opening the Test Bank will allow you to move/edit/delete questions.

For additional information on D2L/BrightSpace features and support Documentation, please visit their main support site or connect with your D2L Admin: 

Further documentation and support can be found on the D2L/BrightSpace Help Page:


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