When you select a book for use in your course(s), we refer to that as an 'adoption'. Adopting a book requires that your status as an educator has been approved, and gives you full access to the book and its supplemental materials. If you have not received a notification to your email about this approval, please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service for assistance.

Step 1

  • Log into your FlatWorld account.

  • After you are approved as an educator, you will be able to review our books through our catalog. 

  • By clicking "Catalog", you will be redirected to the "Browse the Catalog" page. Here you will be able to explore our books until you come across the one you would like to adopt for your course. 

Step 2

  • Once you have chosen a book you wish to use in your course, press the "Adopt" button underneath the Educators section. 

Step 3 

  • You will then be prompted to fill out an "Adoption Form".  This form asks for the basic information about your future course. 

  • You will also have the option to select whether you are interested in using "FlatWorld Homework". FlatWorld Homework can be used by your students without any extra cost. 

  • Submit the form. 

Step 4

  • Check the email associated with your FlatWorld account. 

  • You will receive an email from FlatWorld which includes your adoption details and a shareable link to send to your students. This link will give your students all the information they need to purchase the textbook in the format of their choice. 

Step 5

  • Your adoption will now be located under your personalized dashboard, under the 'My Bookshelf' tab. You will have the option to access the Instructor supplements and the student link. 


  • Why am I not given the option to adopt?

You may have not yet been approved as an educator. Please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service for assistance.

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