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Viewing Student Grades in FlatWorld Standalone Homework (Instructor)
Viewing Student Grades in FlatWorld Standalone Homework (Instructor)

This article provides Instructions with step by step directions to view their students grades.

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As an instructor, you can view all the grades for the course for all assignments, or you can view the grades for individual assignments. If you are looking for information on how to edit student grades, please visit the support article below:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using integrated homework through Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, or D2L/BrightSpace, grades are passed automatically into your grade book.

Viewing Course Grades

In order to view all student grades from all assignments, click on the grades tab when you first open your course.

  1. Clicking the Grades tab will bring up all the student grades for all of your assignments.

  2. You can view the grades as a percentage or as points through the "Show grades as" dropdown menu.

  3. You can filter out grades by student's name or email.

  4. The grade for an assignment will be displayed under the assignment name. The asterisk * marks any grade that you manually edited, or any grade that was updated after a Homework question was updated/corrected.

  5. You can export your grades by assignment or by course through the Export Grades as CSV dropdown menu.

View Assignment Grades

To view assignment grades in and student submissions in detail, you will need to click into the desired assignment before selecting the grades tab.

Step 1

  • Go to "" and log into your course with your FlatWorld account information. 

  • Select courses and choose which course you would like to view. 

Step 2 

  • Select the assignment that you are interested in viewing the grades of. 

Step 3

  • You will be taken to the assignments home page. 

  • Out of the details of that assignment select "Grades".

Step 4 

  • A complete list of the students who have submitted the assignment will be displayed.

  • Each student will have: a final score, time assignment was submitted, and number of attempts per student (submissions). 

  • Clicking "Details" will allow you see that particular student's answers and score for each question. The green check indicates they were correct and received full credit, the orange slash indicates they received partial credit, and the red X indicates they got the question wrong. 

  • Clicking on "Show Penalties" will reveal any penalties incurred by the student's submitted assignment.

  • Clicking on "Show Questions" will reveal the assignment questions in the far right column.

If the instructor has allowed the student to see the correct answer in their submission details, the correct answer will be highlighting in yellow.

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