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This article covers how to gain access to and locate the instructor supplements, as well as their intended use.

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With FlatWorld, almost all of our titles come with supplemental files that can be used to improve curriculum building, test creation, and lecturing. This articles is a set of instructions that details how to access, download, and use these files. 

Please note: Supplemental files are made available once an adoption is made for a Title. Once the adoption is created on an account, the files populate and become available. 

  1. Log into the website using your verified FlatWorld Educator account. 

  2. Navigate to the My Bookshelf section of the website to access your personalized instructor dashboard. Located at the top right hand side of the window. 

3.  While looking at the Adopted section of your Dashboard, click on the supplements tab.

4. The supplement tab will take you to the page where all available supplements are located for the specific title. These supplements include: Instructor Manual, Power Point Lecture notes, Cognero Test Generator, Test Bank Files for Importing to LMS, Solutions Manual, and Test Item Files. 

5. Click on the Download button on each of these files to add them to your device and you are ready to go! 

Test Creation Details:
Cognero Test Generator: Online Test creation program that allows professors to create customized tests (Digital and Paper).
Test Bank Files for Importing to LMS: Question sets that can be uploaded into a Learning Management System such as Canvas, BlackBoard, D2L, or Moodle.

If you are having difficulty with a particular file for the Test Bank Import, you can use the BlackBoard formatted file for any LMS as an alternate option.

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