1. The first step in this process is to create your account on FlatWorld.com. You can click that link, or go to the web address on Google Chrome and click on Sign Up.

  2. Fill out the following fields with the relevant information, and then click on the “I am an educator” checkbox. Select your Role from the dropdown menu that appears beneath the registration form, then select your Discipline and click Register. 

  3. After you have completed your registration, we can begin the educator approval process. We do need to verify the educator status of each request, so the account will not be approved for educator access immediately. 

  4. Once your account has been approved for educator access, you will have the ability to request digital review copies on your account and view our supplement preview files.

How long does it take to get approved as an educator?
It can take up to a few business days to get approved as we must verify the educator status for each account. However, if you reach out to us at support@flatworld.com with a link to your faculty bio or directory entry, the process may go quicker (alternatively, you can have your department head email us to confirm your educator status).

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