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Extending Homework Due Dates (Instructor)
Extending Homework Due Dates (Instructor)

How to extend assignment due dates for students on your Homework course roster.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Homework through Canvas, BlackBoard, or D2L/BrightSpace, extending the due dates is done in that system and not inside the FlatWorld Homework settings.

Extending Due Dates

Navigate to your Homework course on

  1. Select the assignment that you want to extend and click on the Edit option.

  2. Once you’ve been directed to the assignment settings screen, scroll down to the Due Dates Extension of the screen.

3. Set the new due date and close for assignments date beneath the email address field.

4. Begin typing the student’s email address in the email field and click on the correct email address when it appears from the dropdown below.  

5. After clicking on their email address, click on the Add option at the bottom of the Due Date Extension section to extend the due date for the student. Their name and due date will then appear beneath the Add and Clear buttons.

Assignment Level Exceptions and Accommodations

In our ongoing effort to offer additional accommodations, we have released a new feature in Homework: assignment-level Late Penalty and Attempts Limit exceptions.

Assignment-level exceptions offer more granularity than course-level exceptions. The new exceptions are set per assignment (see below). This is essentially a renamed, revamped Assignment Extensions section—still available in the same location when editing a published assignment.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of a page within an assignment and locate the 'Extensions and Accommodations' section, then click 'New Exception'.

2. Select the type of Accommodation you'd like to enact.

3a. For a time extension, enter the student's email address and the desired criteria of the accommodation.

3b. For a Late-Penalty Exception, enter the student's email address.

3c. For a New Attempts-Limit Exception, add the student's email and the granted number of attempts.

4. Click 'Save'.

5. Once all of the various accommodations for different students have been made, you can view a list of those accommodations on the assignment page.

Why isn’t my student showing up in the email address field?

A: They may have used a different email address to create their account. Please double check with the student to confirm which email address their account is under. The email that should be used is the same one that is located on the Homework course roster under the Students Tab on the main course page.

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