In order to access FlatWorld Homework, you will need to have created a FlatWorld account and either purchased or redeemed a code for the book for your course. If you have not completed these steps, you can access the relevant documentation for assistance.

If you have already joined your homework course and are having issues opening your assignments, please visit our FlatWorld Troubleshooting article.

FlatWorld StandAlone Homework vs Integrated Homework

There are two options for your professor to use for FlatWorld Homework. StandAlone Homework is hosted through our website, whereas Integrated Homework is accessed through a Learning Management System such as Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, or D2L/BrightSpace.

StandAlone Homework

If your professor is using StandAlone Homework, they will have provided you with either a homework invitation link or invitation code you will use to join the homework course. It will have been provided via email, posted on your course syllabus, or anywhere else they may host their course information.

Joining with an Invitation Code

• Log into the student website with your email and password.
• Once logged in you will be on your Personalized Dashboard.
• Any books you have purchased or redeemed will show up.

  1. Click on the My Homework link on the menu located to the left, and you will see the above page and the Access FlatWorld Homework header.

  2. Click on the My Homework Button.

You will be directed to the FlatWorld Homework site, where you will see the above prompt to enter in your Homework Code. 

  1. Enter in the Homework Code you were provided. It starts with HW-, followed by a combination of 6 numbers or letters. Enter it into the field provided.

  2. Entering in the code will pull up the associated course. Click on Join Course.

Joining the course will take you to to your assignments, and you can begin completing your Homework as along as the assignments are made available to you by your professor.

Professors can also choose to provide you with a Homework Invitation Link that will take you directly to their course for you to join. Here is an example link:

Make sure you are logged into your FlatWorld Account before accessing the link. If you are not, you will be prompted to sign in. Clicking on such a link, or copy/pasting it into the URL will take you to the FlatWorld Homework Site and the option to join your course. Click Join your Course, and you will be able to access your assignments as soon as they are made available to you by your Instructor.

Integrated Homework

If you were not provided with a homework code or invitation link, your course may be hosted in an LMS, or Learning Management System. If your school uses Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, or D2L/BrightSpace, check your course there for any FlatWorld Assignments. If your homework is integrated, you will always access it through your LMS and not the FlatWorld Homework site.

You will still need to purchase or redeem a code for the book in order to access homework through your LMS.


I already purchased the book, but when I click on Join Course it says Book Not Accessible. What do I do?

If you know you have already purchased the book, or redeemed a code for access to a book, you may have purchased under your personal email vs your school email, or vice versa. Try to log into FlatWorld using your other email and password. If you still cannot locate your book and access the homework course, you can reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service.

I followed the instructions, but the course I am being shown is not correct. What do I do?

Please reach out to your Professor to confirm the code or link you have been provided is correct. If not, they can provide you with the new code or link if they have it.

How do I access my homework assignments in the future after I first log in?

We recommend that you bookmark any pages you will be visiting frequently, such as the Homework site. However, you can always access your Homework from your dashboard after signing into the main FlatWorld Site.

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