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Editing Student Grades on FlatWorld Standalone Homework (Instructor)
Editing Student Grades on FlatWorld Standalone Homework (Instructor)

This article covers how an instructor can manually edit grades or reset grades in FlatWorld StandAlone Homework.

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As an instructor, you are able to edit grades on an individual student assignment submission. You can also reset the grades for the assignment if you want the student to start from scratch.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are using integrated homework through a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, or D2L/Brightspace, you would access the assignment through your LMS and then follow the steps below.

Editing Student Grades

You will first need to open the desired assignment, and then click the Grades tab. The Student name, Final score, Submitted at time, number of submissions will all be displayed by default.

  1. Clicking this tab after you open an assignment will open the above view.

  2. Just under the Grades tab is a reminder of whether or not the assignment is graded by the highest score or the latest score.

  3. You can filter out the grades by student name or email.

  4. If you do manually edit a student grade, an asterisk * will show next to the score. Hover your cursor over the asterisk to bring up the reason you changed it.

  5. Clicking this edit button will bring up the Edit Grades window (see Edit Grades view)  so you can change the score and enter a reason why it was changed.

  6. This option will delete all the submissions/grades for the student.

  7. Clicking this button will open up a display detailing any penalties that were applied to the final score, such as a late penalty or re-attempt penalty.

  8. Clicking this button will give you a quick summary of what questions were answers correctly / partially correct / incorrect.

Edit Grades View

  1. This box is where you can change the grade for the assignment. You can use the up/down arrow to adjust the points, or you can click into the box and enter in a number manually.

  2. You can restore the original grade by clicking this option.

  3. The reason for the grade change is required, and will serve as a record for both you and the student as to why the grade was changed.

  4. You can view a summary of the grade, and click save when you are done.


How can I give a student an extension on an assignment?

Please see related article:

If you are using integrated Homework through a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, or D2L/Brightspace, you can extend the due dates within the LMS settings.

I set up the assignment so that each student can check an answers to a question a certain number of times, then it locks. How can I unlock a question for a student after they have reached the maximum number of check answer attempts?

Currently there is no way to unlock a question for an individual student. If students say that they have not reached the limit of check answer attempts and the question still locked, it is possible that they may have accidentally clicked the check answer button more than once. Possible options include:

  • If there are multiple attempts on the assignment allowed, the student can retake the assignment.

  • You can edit the student's grade manually if you feel they have demonstrated they know the correct answer outside of the assignment.

  • You can remove the lock question feature from the assignment settings, though this will remove it from all questions for all students.

How can I remove a student's grade and allow them to retake the assignment?

Under the Actions column on the assignment grades page, click 'Delete' next to the student whose grade you want removed. This will delete their attempts and grades for the assignment. To allow them to take the assignment again, you can extend the due date in the Assignment settings, or in your Learning Management system if you are using integrated homework.

Why is there an asterisk (*) next to my student's grade?

An asterisk indicates that the grade has been edited. Our Customer Service Team can edit grades based on Homework Error Reports, or other feedback that reveals an error with a question.

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