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Adding/Inviting Students to Homework Standalone Course (Instructor)
Adding/Inviting Students to Homework Standalone Course (Instructor)

This article covers how students can gain access your Homework Course, and how you can add them manually to the class roster.

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• Navigate to the Students tab of your Homework course.

• If you want students to enroll themselves on the course roster, you invite them to the course using the Invitation Link or Invitation Code.

a. Invitation Link: Students become automatically enrolled on your roster after following the link. Click on Copy Invitation Link to copy the link, and then you can paste it and share it with students.
b. Invitation Code: Students become enrolled on your course after entering the code at You can copy and paste this code to share with students. They should input the characters after the "HW-" when using the invitation code. They should not include the "HW-" as it will not add them to the course roster.

• Alternatively, you can add students to the course yourself by entering their email address in the Add Students box beneath the invitation code and link. Please make sure you have the email address that your student signed up for their FlatWorld account with.

• Once students are enrolled on your roster and have access to the course textbook, they will be able to access the published assignments on They can also access their Homework course from the Homework section of their My Bookshelf dashboard on


Q: Why isn’t my student showing up in the Add Students box?

A: Please double check that you are trying to add the student using their FlatWorld email address – they may have registered with a different email address.

Q: Why is the invitation code not working for my students?

A: Please make sure that your students are inputting the invitation code without the "HW-". If they are still encountering issues, please let them know to reach out through our website live chat for support.

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