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Canvas - Homework Integration (LTI 1.1) - Admin Only
Canvas - Homework Integration (LTI 1.1) - Admin Only

This article covers how to configure the FlatWorld Homework tool in Canvas.

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to set up a FlatWorld Homework integration in Canvas you will need the following:

  • LTI Access Keys - these keys are generated by FlatWorld in order for your Canvas system to access our Homework platform. Please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service at with the professor's name, course title, and the book being used to request these keys.

  • Proper permissions in Canvas - the integration can only be configured by someone who has the proper permissions in Canvas, usually a Canvas Admin. It is best for this person to serve as the point of contact for integration setup.

Integration Configuration

Once FlatWorld Customer Service has provided the LTI Access keys, the integration setup begins with configuring the FlatWorld Homework App in Canvas.

Search for the App

  1. As a Canvas Admin (or role with appropriate Canvas Permissions), select the 'Admin' option from the Canvas menu, choose the appropriate account, and select 'Settings'. If you are integrating on the course level, the below steps are done through the Course settings rather than the Admin settings.

  2. Under 'Settings', click on the 'Apps' tab.

  3. In the search bar under the 'External Apps' page, type in 'FlatWorld' and select FlatWorld Homework from the results.

Configure the App

PLEASE NOTE: The privacy setting on the app should be set to 'Public' which is the default setting within the app. If you edit the app afterwards, or add the app manually, please make sure Privacy is set to 'Public" to prevent user authentication issues.

  1. Click on FlatWorld Homework App from the search results and click the '+Add App' button.

  2. After clicking '+Add App', you will see a window that will prompt you for the Consumer and Secret keys. You should have received these in an email from FlatWorld. Enter the keys into the appropriate fields, and click 'Add App'.

Your integration is now configured in Canvas and instructors can use the FlatWorld Homework external tool to build assignments. For information on accessing the FlatWorld Homework Tool in courses, please view the below support article:

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