*Please Note: In order to use the FlatWorld Homework tool, the integration needs to be configured with Moodle.

Accessing the FlatWorld Homework Tool

Navigate to the desired course, and make sure editing is turned on after clicking the Blue Gear dropdown icon.

Once editing is enabled, click on 'Add an activity or resource' under the desired part of your course. Select FlatWorld Homework from the available options and click 'Add'.

*Please note that your tool will be named 'FlatWorld Homework', or whatever name it was given when the tool was configured.

After clicking 'Add', you will be taken to the Adding a new External tool page. Click on the 'Select Content' button under the General section. This will bring up a book configuration window titled 'Link Resource from External Tool' with a welcome message from FlatWorld Homework.

  1. The course name will be taken from Moodle.

  2. Under the 'Book Field', you can search by ISBN or Title. If you need, you can click on 'get more books' and a link to the FlatWorld website will pull up book details in our catalog.

  3. Once you have selected your book, click 'Confirm'. This will link your book to the homework course (this only need to be done once), and you will be taken to the FlatWorld Homework tool to being creating your first assignment.

For information on the features of assignment creation please see the following articles. Please note that some assignment features/settings will not be available through the FlatWorld Homework tool, as they are set within the Moodle assignment settings.

FlatWorld supports assignment dates in Moodle by allowing instructors to “limit student access” (see screenshots) and set late penalties for assignments w/dates entirely within FlatWorld's system. Refer to the 'How to build an Assignment in FlatWorld Homework' article for more on assignment settings in FlatWorld.

Embedding the Assignment in Moodle

When you have completed your assignment and hit 'Publish' you will be prompted to embed the assignment in Canvas through the 'Embed in LMS' option.

Clicking the 'Embed in LMS' button will prompt a warning screen, as the act of embedding the assignment will automatically publish the assignment. Please be sure that you do not wish to make any changes to the assignment before embedding.

Clicking 'Embed in LMS' will take you back to the Adding a new External Tool page. The value for Preconfigured tool and Tool URL are now filled in.

IMPORTANT: You must set the Launch Container option as 'New Window'. This means that the FlatWorld Homework Assignment will open as a new page in the browser.

The Launch Container field is located under the General Section after hitting 'Show More'.

After clicking 'Show More', scroll down and locate the Launch Container Field, and set it to 'New Window'.

Once this has been done, please complete any other desired fields in the Moodle assignment form and click Save.

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