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How to use the video uploader question type in Homework assignments (Instructor)
How to use the video uploader question type in Homework assignments (Instructor)

This article covers how to create assignments with video submissions from students and how to record and upload a video as a student.

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How to add Video Recorder questions to an assignment

  1. From the Add Questions screen, click the +NEW QUESTION option (at the bottom) and then click on Manually Graded Question. Click on CREATE to go to the next step.

4. Select Video Recorder from the options.

a. Input your question in the Compose Question field.

b. Adjust the Maximum length for the students’ uploads from 1 second up to 600 seconds (10 minutes).

c. Set the Total Points value under Grading for the maximum score. Grading

Preview will show you how the Submissions Grading process will look later on,

after students have submitted their attempts.

d. Optionally paste in your grading criteria using the Rubric Editor (the rubric will

appear for you when grading submissions, but will not be visible to students).

e. You can preview the Video Recorder tool on the right side of the screen to see

what the experience will look like for students.

5. Click SAVE to save your question. Your Video Recorder question will now appear as the last question in that chapter and can be added to your assignment.

6. Click on BACK TO ALL QUESTIONS and scroll to the bottom of the chapter question list to find your custom question.

How to manually grade video uploader assignments in Homework (Instructor)

  1. After navigating to your course, select the assignment to grade manually.

2. Select the GRADE SUBMISSIONS button to start grading.

3. Click Play on the video window to begin the student’s submitted recording or select GRADE LATER to skip.

4. Optionally compare their answer to the Grading Rubric set in the Rubric Editor.

5. Score their attempt using the Score box in the bottom right corner. You also have the ability to provide feedback using the Feedback For Students field, but that is not required for grading.

6. Click on SAVE GRADES to save the graded assignment.

7. Click on RETURN TO GRADES to see the grades within the Homework gradebook.

How to submit a video assignment as a student (Student)

  1. Click on Record to begin your video recording (there will be a 3 second countdown before the recording starts).

a.While recording, you can use Pause to freeze your recording and then click

on Resume to continue recording or Stop to end the recording.

b. Clicking on Stop while recording will cause the recording to end.

c. The recording will also stop automatically when the time limit is reached.

2. After recording, you can review your answer by clicking on the Play button. You can also re-record your video by clicking on Record again if the instructor allows this.

3. After you are satisfied with your recorded video response, you can continue your assignment.

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