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How to navigate your online textbook (Student)
How to navigate your online textbook (Student)

This article will walk you through how to navigate and get the most from your online textbook.

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  1. To move through the sections of your textbook you can use the arrows in the lower right corner to navigate sequentially or the TOC (Table of Contents) button on the left side of the screen to move by chapter or section.

2. Our search functionality is another way to quickly find specific topics or definitions. Click the magnifying glass icon and enter your search query then hit Enter on your keyboard to show the results. The matches will include key terms, chapters or sections of the book, and the book text itself. Select any result to jump to that specific part of the textbook.

3. The Self-Study button helps students reinforce lessons from each chapter.

a. Under Flashcards, you can select either the Practice or Test option. Practice will

allow you to flip the virtual flashcards to compare the definitions with their terms.

The Test option will only show you the definitions and you will have to input the

terms. After submitting the last flashcard for that section, you can then review your


b. Under Quiz, you can access the practice review questions for the chapter or

section of the book you’re looking at. After submitting your answer, the quiz will let

you know if your answer is correct or incorrect. It will also give an explanation for

the answer. Use the View Results button to review whether your answers were

correct or incorrect.

4. More options are available under Settings.

a. Cite This Book will open a page with citation information for this textbook.

b. You can use the Increase Text Size and Decrease Text Size options to adjust to

your preferences.

c. Clicking on Support will open a live web chat window with our Customer

Service team.

5. We have recently introduced page numbers into the online access for many of the titles in our catalog. Not only can you navigate directly to a given page number using the Page box in the lower right corner of the screen, the online access also keeps track of the equivalent page you’re reading (based on your scrolling in the online reader) so that you can know where you are in the book (note: though this feature is not currently available in all of our titles, we are working on making this available throughout our catalog).

6. Using the left-facing arrow next to the Page box, you can collapse the navigation tab on the right side of the screen for easier navigation. You can reopen the navigation tab by clicking on the arrow again, or by selecting one of the options available.

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