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Blackboard LTI 1.1 - Textbook Integration Setup (Admin Only)
Blackboard LTI 1.1 - Textbook Integration Setup (Admin Only)

This article covers how to set up the FlatWorld Textbook integration in Blackboard.

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to set up a FlatWorld Textbook integration in BlackBoard you will need the following:

LTI Access Keys - these keys are generated by FlatWorld to enable your Blackboard to access our textbook catalog. Please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service at with the professor's name, course title, and the book being used to request these keys.

Proper permissions in Blackboard - the integration can only be configured by someone who has the proper permissions in Blackboard, usually a BlackBoard Admin. It is best for this person to serve as the point of contact for integration setup.

The instructions/screenshots may be slightly different from what you see in Blackboard depending on whether you are using the Original View or BlackBoard Ultra.

Integration Configuration

Once FlatWorld Customer Service has provided the LTI Access keys, the integration setup begins with configuring the FlatWorld Textbooks App in Blackboard.

Configure Initial Settings in Blackboard

  1. First you will need to verify that you are using a supported version of Blackboard. You must be running v3400.1 or later in order to use the FlatWorld Textbook integration. One simple location your version number can be found is in the Administrator Panel. The screenshots in this article were taken from 3800.9.0, so there may be some differences if you are running a different version.

2. Second, you will need to enable support for LTI. Navigate to the Administrator Panel, and select Course Settings.

Under Course Settings, select Course Tools.

Under Course Tools, locate LTI from the list and make sure it is turned on, and that proper permissions are set for its use if necessary.

3. Lastly, you will need to allow the Tool to post grades [required for textbook integration?]. Navigate back to the Administrator Panel and select LTI Tool Providers, located under the Integrations section.

On the next page, click on Manage Global Properties. (You can ignore the listed tool providers below, as you will add FlatWorld Textbooks as a tool provider in future steps).

Under Feature Availability, select Yes for 'Allow configured tool providers to post grades'.

Adding FlatWorld Textbooks as a Tool Provider

Now that you have configured the initial settings, you will now add FlatWorld Textbooks to the list of approved LTI Tool Providers.

  1. Navigate back to the Administrator Panel, and select LTI Tool Providers under the Integrations section. On the next page, click Register LTI 1.1 Provider (or Register Provider Domain).

2. The next page will be the Tool Provider Form. Please fill out the following sections:

  • Provider Domain - set to

  • Provider Domain Status - set to 'Approved'

  • Default Configuration - switch to 'Set Globally'

  • Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret - these will have been provided to you by FlatWorld. If you do not have these keys, please reach out to

  • Send User Data - set to 'send user data only over SSL'

  • User Fields to Send - check all three options

  • Allow Membership Service Access - set to 'Yes'

FlatWorld Textbooks Tool Placement

Once FlatWorld Textbooks has been added as a Tool Provider, navigate back to the LTI Tool Providers list from the Administrator Panel. In the placements column, click on the '0' from in the row.

On the following page, click 'Create Placement"

Clicking 'Create Placement' will take you to the Placement Information page.

  • Label - FlatWorld Textbooks

  • ˆHandle - flatworld-textbooks

  • Availability - set to 'Yes'

  • Type - BlackBoard's options have changed recently, so if you see Deep Linking Content tool, pick that option (but not Allow student access), otherwise select both Course content tool and Supports deep linking

  • Tool Provider Key - should auto populate

  • Tool Provider Secret - should auto populate

  • Click Submit when finished.

Once the Placement is complete, instructors will now be able to access the FlatWorld Textbooks tool under the Build Content option.

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