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Moodle - Textbook Integration Setup (Admin Only)
Moodle - Textbook Integration Setup (Admin Only)

This article covers how to configure the FlatWorld Textbook integration in Moodle.

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to set up a FlatWorld Textbook integration in Moodle you will need the following:

  • LTI Access Keys - these keys are generated by FlatWorld in order for your Moodle system to access our Textbook integration tool. Please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service at with the professor's name, course title, and the book being used to request these keys.

  • Proper permissions in Moodle - the integration can only be configured by someone who has the proper permissions, usually a Moodle Admin. It is best for this person to serve as the point of contact for integration setup.

Integration Configuration

Once FlatWorld Customer Service has provided the LTI Access keys, the integration setup begins with configuring the FlatWorld Textbook App in Moodle.

Adding FlatWorld Textbooks as an External Tool

1. As a Moodle Admin, go to Site Administration and click the Plugins tab. Under the Activity Modules, click Manage Tools if it is visible.

If Manage Tools is not visible, click on External Tool first, and the Manage Tools option will show on the next page.

2. Under Manage Tools, click 'configure a tool manually'.

3. In the External tool configuration, form enter the following parameters:

• Tool name - 'FlatWorld Textbooks'

• Consumer Key - provided by FlatWorld

• Shared Secret - provided by FlatWorld

• Tool configuration usage - Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool

• Default launch container - New window

• Check Supports Deep Linking (Context-Item Message) or use Show more and check Content-Item Message checkbox on older Moodle versions

• Expand Privacy section and change all values to 'Always'

Once you have filled in the required information, press the Save changes button at the bottom. The tool is now ready for use.

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