Step 1 - Getting Started

  • Log into your FlatWorld account. If you do not already have an educator account with us, please sign up here.

  • You may browse our catalog, or search by title, ISBN, keyword, or author.

  • Using these options you will be able to explore our books until you come across the one you would like to review.

Step 2 - Locating a Title and Accessing the Request Form (There are 2 ways to access the form to request a digital copy)

  • The first way is to click on the 'Catalog' button, which will redirect you to the 'Browse the Catalog' page.

  • Select a discipline to view a list of all related titles.

  • Click on the title of interest to go to the textbook's catalog page.

  • Once on the textbook's catalog page, you will be able to request a digital copy for immediate review.

  • Click on 'Request a Digital Copy' and you will be taken to the request form, proceed to Step 3.

  • The second way is by searching from the main tool bar for ISBN, title, author, or keywords which will give a list of results that meet the search.

  • Click on 'Review The Text' and you will be taken to the request form, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 - Request Form

  • Complete the information in the request form which will give you immediate access to the full digital copy.

Step 4 - Locating the Digital Copy

  • Any book you request to review will be hosted under the 'Review Copies' section on your account.

  • To navigate to this area, click on the big 'My Bookshelf' button (to the left of your name) after logging in.

    • Clicking 'My Bookshelf' will bring you to this page.

  • Click on the 'To Review' to see a list of titles for which you requested copies.

  • Click on 'Read This Book' to the right of the title you would like to review.

To request a desk copy, please contact your FlatWorld representative or our Customer Support Team.

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