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Find and request an Exam Copy (Instructor)
Find and request an Exam Copy (Instructor)

How to find and request a review copy

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Step 1 - Getting Started

  • Log into your FlatWorld account. If you do not already have an educator account with us, please sign up here.

  • You may browse our catalog, or search by title, ISBN, keyword, or author.

  • Using these options you will be able to explore our books until you come across the one you would like to review.

Step 2 - Locating a Title and Accessing the Request Form (There are 2 ways to access the form to request a digital copy)

  • The first way is to click on the 'Catalog' button, which will redirect you to the 'Browse the Catalog' page.

  • Select a discipline to view a list of all related titles.

  • Click on the title of interest to go to the textbook's catalog page.

  • Once on the textbook's catalog page, you will be able to request a digital copy for immediate review.

  • Click on 'Request a Digital Copy' and you will be taken to the request form, proceed to Step 3.

  • The second way is by searching from the main tool bar for ISBN, title, author, or keywords which will give a list of results that meet the search.

  • Click on 'Review The Text' and you will be taken to the request form, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 - Request Form

  • Complete the information in the request form which will give you immediate access to the full digital copy.

Step 4 - Locating the Digital Copy

  • Any book you request to review will be hosted under the 'Exam Copies' section on your account.

  • To navigate to this area, click on the big 'My Bookshelf' button (to the left of your name) after logging in.

    • Clicking 'My Bookshelf' will bring you to this page.

  • Click on the 'To Review' to see a list of titles for which you requested copies.

  • Click on 'Read This Book' to the right of the title you would like to review.


Q: How do I request a desk copy?

A: Please contact your rep or our Customer Support Team and provide the best shipping address.

Q: Where can I find the Supplements?

A: Supplements are hosted in your digital bookshelf, under the 'Supplements' tab. Supplement files are restricted to adopting faculty, but you may preview resources while reviewing. Resources for the first chapter are available under the preview. To access or view additional resources while reviewing, please contact your rep or our support team.

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