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Using Adobe Digital Editions
Using Adobe Digital Editions

This guide will walk you through the steps to access your download file on Adobe Digital Editions.

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Step 1 - Initiating book download

  • In order to access downloads on your account, you must first purchase the download files by navigating to My Bookshelf and follow the instructions from this guide.

  • Note: There is a 25 page printing limit in any 30 day period, however, you will have the downloaded files in perpetuity.

  • On the following screen, click on Download PDF to begin the process of creating your Adobe ID.

Step 2 - Create your Adobe Digital Editions ID

  • This screen will show you the links necessary to create your Adobe ID and install Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Follow the link from item #1 in the above list to create your Adobe ID. After inputting your account information and creating your Adobe ID, you can close out of the Adobe window (creating your Adobe ID is free, and Adobe Digital Editions is also a free software).

Step 3 - Install Adobe Digital Editions

  • After creating your Adobe ID, go back to the Download PDF screen and go to item #2 and click on the link.

  • Select the blue text next to your operating system to download the Adobe Digital Editions installers.

  • Once you have the installer files downloaded, you can run them on your computer to open the installation process for Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 4 - Authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your device

  • After you have installed Adobe Digital Editions and you've launched the app, you can then select the Help option from the Menu bar and click on Authorize Computer (in order to access your file, you will need to authorize Adobe Digital Editions using your Adobe ID).

  • Select Adobe ID from the eBook Vendor dropdown menu, and input the email address and password that you used for your Adobe ID (PLEASE NOTE: authorizing your computer without an Adobe ID will prevent you from accessing the file across multiple devices).

  • You will then see a message about your successful authorization.

Step 5 - Download the book PDF

  • After you authorize your Adobe Digital Editions app with your Adobe ID, you will be able to open your download file on Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Navigate to the file on your computer in either a Finder or Explorer window, and then right-click on it and select Open With and choose Adobe Digital Editions.

  • This will launch the file in Adobe Digital Editions. Your book will now be accessible on Adobe Digital Editions from the Library area of the software.

  • Double-clicking on the book in your library will open the download file on Adobe Digital Editions. You can navigate through the book using the directional arrows on your keyboard, or by using the page number at the bottom of the screen.

  1. The Library button will bring you back to your ADE library

  2. The Bookmark button will allow you to mark a page from the book.

  3. This is the Table of Contents button.

  4. This button allows you to determine the zoom on the page.

  5. You can use this bar to Search within the book, and use the arrows next to it to go through the instances of the search term in the textbook.

  6. The Fullscreen button makes the reader go fullscreen on your monitor.


    What do I do if I authorized my computer without an Adobe ID?

    If you haven't tried opening the download file yet, you can still Authorize your computer with your Adobe ID. Otherwise, Please reach out to us on our website live chat to have a new download link generated for your account.

    What if I'm seeing an error message and I can't access my download file?

    Please reach out to us on our website live chat and provide a screenshot of the error message so we can take a look at it together.

    Do I have to pay for Adobe Digital Editions, or for my Adobe ID?

    No, it is free to create your Adobe ID, and Adobe Digital Editions is a free software.

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