Setting Assignment Due Dates in Brightspace
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How to set Start, Due, and End Dates in Brightspace/D2L

Educators control some features of their FlatWorld Homework assignments inside our systems, but start, due, and end dates are always set inside Brightspace itself.

There are two ways to get to the date settings:

1. Visit Content > Assignments

2. To edit dates directly from the Assignments list, click the menu button next to the desired Assignment

3. Select Edit Properties In-place

4. Click Add dates and restrictions…

Alternatively, if you are already viewing the page for a specific Assignment (i.e. did not follow steps 1-3) then the Add dates and restrictions… link is in the Activity Details section at the bottom of the page:

5. Click Add start date…, Add due date…, and/or Add end date… to set the desired date(s)

Due dates vs. End dates

Due dates only display the due date/time to students; if you set a Due date, students can still submit to the folder after the date passes. End dates close access to the Submission folder.

Educators typically use Due dates to identify the deadline for an assignment inside Brightspace. If a student submits to the folder past the Due date, their submission will show the amount of time the submission is "late by."

See this teaching guide (unofficial documentation) for more information.

6. Populate the date and time fields

7. Finally, click Update to save your changes

Additional Resource:

To set start/due/end dates for multiple assignments, follow this official Brightspace guide.

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