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Blackboard Learn - Access FlatWorld Textbook Tool (Instructor)
Blackboard Learn - Access FlatWorld Textbook Tool (Instructor)

This article covers how to access the FlatWorld Textbook tool in Blackboard.

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*Please Note: In order to use the FlatWorld Textbook tool, the integration needs to be configured with LTI access keys provided by FlatWorld. Please refer to the integration setup article for more information.

Accessing the FlatWorld Textbook Tool

Navigate to the Content area of your course and click on the Build Content option. Select FlatWorld Textbooks from the available options.

After selecting FlatWorld Textbooks, you will be directed to where you can Search for your textbook by ISBN, or Browse for it in our Catalog.

Once you select your course textbook, you can use the Link Book button to create a link to the textbook.

The Link to this chapter option allows you to link to a specific chapter.

Selecting the Section will embed a link to the particular section of the book in your LMS.

The link to the textbook is now active, and clicking on it will take you and your students to the textbook within our online reader platform in a new window.


Do students need to purchase online access to the course textbook in order to access my textbook links?

Yes, students will need to have online access to your course textbook to access the links to the textbook within your course.

I am/my students are seeing an error message that reads " refused to connect." What does that mean?

This means that the link was not created to launch in a new tab or window. Click on the downward-facing caret next to the link title, and select Edit. Then make sure that the Web Link options are set to Open in a New Tab.

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