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Blackboard - LTI 1.3 Integration Configuration
Blackboard - LTI 1.3 Integration Configuration

These instructions describe how to set up an LTI Advantage (LTI 1.3) integration with FlatWorld.

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Please note: The integration can only be configured by someone who has the proper permissions in Blackboard, usually a Blackboard Admin. It is best for this person to serve as the point of contact for integration setup.


1) Go to the System Admin tab and clicks LTI Tool Providers, under the Integrations Menu

2) Select Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool

3) Enter the provided Client ID. The Client ID of the FlatWorld LTI 1.3 tool is:


4) Ensure the tool is configured correctly

  • Check the Tool Status: Approved box

  • Check the following boxes under User Fields to Send

    • Role in Course

    • Name

    • Email Address

  • Under Allow grade service access, select Yes

  • Copy the Deployment ID value, and send it to FlatWorld

  • Click Submit

5) Follow the instructions to “turn on all switches”

Once you have completed the steps, please send the following value to the Integration Specialist working on your request:

  • Deployment ID

After we've completed steps on our end (your specialist will confirm), please create a test course and assignment to confirm successful configuration set up

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