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Blueprint and Replica Homework Courses
Blueprint and Replica Homework Courses

This article covers the creation and use of Blueprint and Replica Homework courses.

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Creating a Blueprint Course

In order to create a Blueprint course from a new or existing course, please reach out to your designated sales representative, or to our customer support team so we can set that up for you. You can click on the blue chat icon to start a conversation with our customer support team.

What is a Blueprint Course? What is a Replica Course?

Blueprint Homework courses operate as the managing course; when assignments are created within a Blueprint course, they appear in their corresponding Replica courses. Any edits made to the assignment settings or questions will also propagate to the Replica course.

If an assignment is deleted, unpublished, or edited on the Blueprint Homework course, the changes will also be reflected on the existing Replica courses.

Within the Replica course, assignment due dates and extensions/exceptions can be edited, but the content of the assignments are locked (some other settings related to viewing correct answers and grades are still available within the Replica course).

This allows one educator to have greater control over the content and setup of Homework assignments for more than one section of a course.

Identifying Blueprint Courses

On your Blueprint course, you’ll notice the Blueprint Icon and Tooltip appearing in the navigation display.

The Blueprint course will also be colored differently when shown amongst your other Homework courses. You'll also see the course's Blueprint status appear if you hover your cursor over the course title.

Creating a Replica Course

Any Homework courses copied from your Blueprint course will operate as a Replica course (the assignments published on the Blueprint course, as well as any subsequent edits or changes, will appear on the Replica course).

To create a new Replica course for another educator, navigate to the Settings tab of your Blueprint course, and select the Actions button. From the following dropdown menu, select the Create Replica Courses button.

On the next screen, input the educator’s FlatWorld account email address into the Educators Email List and click on Create. This will create a Replica course for each educator entered.

Creating Assignments on a Blueprint Course

Creating new assignments works just the same as a normal Homework course. The main difference is that changes made to a Blueprint course will propagate to its Replica courses.

Any time an assignment is Created, Deleted, Unpublished, or Edited on the Blueprint course, the changes will be reflected on each Replica course. You will also be prompted any time you make one of these changes (pictured below).

Modifying the settings or questions for an assignment will also be reflected on each Replica course based on your Blueprint.

Deleting an assignment from your Blueprint will delete it from all Replica courses as well.

Editing course settings will reflect on Replica courses.

Using a Replica Course/Replica Limits and Restrictions

If you are using a Replica course, you will not see the option to create new assignments, or delete existing ones. Any assignments on the course will appear when they have been published on the Blueprint course that your Replica course originated from (assignments in the Draft stage will not appear on your Replica course).

For example, a Replica course will look like this, only offering the options to view the assignment or edit certain settings.

Once you click on Edit, you'll find that only dates and times are editable within the After Submission settings, and that the Assignment Hints & Feedback Settings cannot be edited at all.

Identifying Blueprint Courses on your LMS

Within your school's LMS, the Blueprint icon and tooltip will appear in the navigation tabs.

Using Blueprint and Replica Courses on your LMS

Creating assignments in your Blueprint course will work just the same as in regular LMS-integrated Homework courses. You'll see the Quick Create, Create Blank Assignment, and Copy Assignment options available when using the Homework tool on your course.

If you're using a Replica course, these assignment creation options will not be available (you'll only see assignments to embed here if they have already been published in the Blueprint course corresponding to your Replica).

As long as your assignments are created within the Blueprint course after the Replicas have been created, the assignment creation will propagate over to the Replica courses.

However, since we do not have control over the LMS settings, the instructor on the Replica course will need to create the LMS assignment on the course and embed the Homework assignment from the Blueprint using the Homework Tool.

In this situation, they'll see the missing assignment available to Embed when selecting FlatWorld Homework as the External Tool.

After embedding the assignment in the LMS, it will be available for students to attempt.

Please Note: if you are using a Learning Management System (LMS) that has its own Blueprint feature, we recommend against using both Blueprint features simultaneously.

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