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Print Order Checklist (Bookstores)
Print Order Checklist (Bookstores)

Bookstore checklist to review when ordering printed books

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Bookstore Print Order Checklist

  1. Register as a bookstore on our website if you have not already. Click on the button below to be redirected to an article detailing the steps:

    1. Please note: If you are a High School, register as a bookstore as well so we have your information on file.

  2. Create a Purchase Order with your store information (school name, address, phone number), shipping account information (if applicable), and a Purchase Order number.

    1. If a shipping account is not available, please let us know you'd like to be invoiced for shipping.

    2. Purchase Orders should be made out to:

      1. Boston Academic Publishing, Inc. (dba FlatWorld)
        292 Newbury St. Suite #282
        Boston MA 02115

    3. Include the quantity and price of the ISBN being purchased

      1. Please note: be sure pricing is correct for the ISBN being requested to avoid any delays in processing your order.

    4. Include the full name of the instructor requesting the print

      1. Please note: Because we are a digital first company, we only process print orders if the print is being requested by an instructor.

  3. Email your Purchase Order to

    1. Include in the email if you are looking for access codes to go along with the print. If so, please specify whether digital access codes or physical paper passes are needed.

  4. All done!

    1. Our team will process your order and send shipping information when available.

    2. For invoice requests, please email us at with the Purchase Order number and our accounting team will reach out directly.

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