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Introduction and Notes:

FlatWorld has recently released a Read Aloud feature for many of our titles. This has been the most requested feature for some time and we are thrilled to be able to offer it as an option for students and educators!

Please note that this is a brand new product, and we would encourage your thoughts and feedback around it as we look to make improvements over time. Please send feedback to and we will review for consideration in future updates.

Additionally, because the Read Aloud feature is brand new, it is not yet ready to be used as an Accessibility tool. Rather we would recommend using the Accessibility settings located here:

If you are a Windows user, please visit this link:

If you're a Mac user, please use this guide:

Read Aloud Settings and Features:

The primary controls for Read Aloud are on the left hand side of the screen under settings. They include: Play, Skip forward 10 seconds, skip backwards 10 seconds, and the progress bar which can also be use to jump around.

There are also several options available to you in Settings, which you can click into right above the player. From there, click on Read Aloud Settings to open up the Read Aloud Settings Menu.

In the Read Aloud Settings menu you have two options to control the Reading Speed of the Read Aloud, either manually by scrolling the bar across or by clicking on of the specific speeds below.

You can also have the book automatically move onto the next page or do it manually, by clicking on or off Auto-Navigate.

Once you've configured the settings to your desired configuration, click Save Settings and exit out from this screen.

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