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Sakai LTI 1.1 Homework Integration Setup
Sakai LTI 1.1 Homework Integration Setup

How to setup Sakai LTI 1.1 Homework Integration

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Sakai LTI 1.1 Homework Integration Setup

  1. An Integration Specialist will provide consumer key and secret. Alternatively, please contact for LTI Access Keys.

  2. Click “Site Info” under your course in the left sidebar.

  3. Click “External Tools” in the list of options at the top of the “Site Information” page.

  4. Click “Install LTI 1.x Tool” in the top right.

  5. Fill out the following values, copying in the consumer key and secret key provided by FlatWorld.

    1. Tool Title: Flatworld Homework

    2. Allow tool title to be changed: Allow

    3. Button Text: Flatworld Homework

    4. Allow button text to be changed: Do Not Allow

    5. Description: Take the work out of homework.

    6. Allow Launch URL to be changed: Allow

    7. Launch Key: enter consumer key from practice admin

    8. Launch Secret: Enter consumer secret from practice admin

  6. Click “Save”.

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