*Please note that Exams are only available when using certain titles.

The Copy Assignment/Exam feature can be used to copy assignments within your current Homework course, or into a new Homework Course for the a new semester. You will need to log into FlatWorld and navigate to the Homework Site, where you will select your course. You can also copy assignments in your Learning Management System through the FlatWorld Homework tool. 

Click the +New button, and select Copy Assignment or *Copy Assignment/Exam from the dropdown.

The next page will bring you to the Copy Assignment options.

  1. The Course dropdown menu allows you to choose the course from which you would like to copy an assignment. You can choose any course on which you are listed as an educator.

  2. Once you have selected a course, the Assignment dropdown menu allows you to select an assignment to copy.

  3. Once you have chosen an assignment, you will be shown a preview of the assignment questions.

When you are done, click Copy. The copied assignment will then save as a draft, open, and you will be taken to Step 1 of the assignment creation process. 

*Please note: the assignment dates will need to be changed on the copied assignment as they will retain the start and due dates from the original course.

You can make any desired changes to the assignment, save the assignment as a draft if you plan to make future edits, or you can just head straight to publish.

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