Homework Error Reporting

This article covers how to report homework errors and the different reporting options.

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Reporting Homework Errors

Both students and Instructors can report errors through the homework system. These errors are sent to FlatWorld Customer Service to be reviewed. Once the error is verified, it will be resolved and the student's grade updated if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: FlatWorld Customer Service does not have subject matter expertise related to the topics covered in FlatWorld textbooks.

Student Error Reporting

Students can report errors when they review their assignment submissions. This is only available if the instructor has set up the option for students to review their submission in the assignment settings. Most professors will make it so the correct answers are available AFTER the assignment is due. Please keep this mind when your answer is marked incorrect.

To access your assignment submission, you can click on the 'Details' link next to your grade for that assignment.

The 'Details' link is also shown when you click into the assignment, which you would do if you are allowed more than one attempt.

After clicking the 'Details Link', you will be taken to a summary page of your assignment submission. You can click the menu located near the 'Show Penalties' column to see if you were assigned a late or re-attempt penalty. You can also click the 'Show Questions' menu to see a summary of what questions you got right and wrong. To see a detailed summary of your assignment submission, click on 'Details'.

Clicking 'Details' from this page will take you to your assignment submission. Depending on the assignment settings your professor has configured, you will be able to see your answers, and whether or not they were correct. If an answer is marked incorrect, but you cannot see what the correct answer is, the date on which the correct answers will be available will be listed at the top of the window. The report error button is located under each question, which will provide FlatWorld Customer Service with the question information if you report an error.

Error Report Options

There are four options to choose from when reporting errors. You will have the option to add additional details when reporting.

  1. Typo or Language Mistake

  2. Correct Answer Rejected

  3. Technical Issue or error

Typo or Language Mistake - this option should be used to report and spelling, grammar, punctuation, or formatting problems with a question.

Correct Answer Rejected - this option should be used when you can see the correct answers in your submission details. If your answer matches the correct answer shown, but you are marked as incorrect, use this report option.

Correct Answer Rejected - this option should be used when you can see the correct answers in your submission details. If your answer is marked wrong, but you have textbook evidence that shows you are correct, use this report option. You can include the text that backs up your claim in the additional details. FlatWorld Customer Service members are not subject matter experts, and you may be asked to connect with your professor on the issue.

Technical Issue or error- If your issue does not fall into any of the other reporting categories, please include as much information as possible when using this option.

Note: The Add Details Field is required*

Instructor Error Reporting

Instructors can report errors as well, through the same process described above for students since they have access to all assignment submissions. Instructors can also report errors when they are selecting questions when building an assignment, as well as during the assignment preview option.

Step 4 - Preview and Publish

As an instructor, you are also able to report errors during the Preview and Publish stage when building your assignments. At the bottom of the Preview and Publish page, you can preview the assignment from the student viewpoint. Click the 'Begin' button to enter the preview.

As you cycle through each question, the report error button will be located at the bottom of each question. The button is located below the View available Hints button.

Please provide details as to why you believe the content is incorrect and include any suggested changes to improve the question. This will assist FlatWorld Customer Service with updating the question in a timely manner

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