Step 1: Log In

  • Log into your FlatWorld account. If you do not already have an educator account with us, please sign up here

  • After you log in, you will be brought to the main page, where you may browse our catalog or search for titles

Step 2: Navigating Your Account

To navigate directly to review copies, or other sections in your account, use the different tabs or buttons.

There are two ways to navigate to the different tabs or sections of your account.

  • One way is to hover over your name (or initial) located toward the top right corner of page

    • This will cause a drop-down menu to appear, from which you may select a tab

  • A second way is to click on the big 'My Bookshelf' button (to the left of your name) after logging in

    • Clicking 'My Bookshelf' will bring you to this page, where you'll find most of the same tabs, and including 'Homework'

Step 3: Identifying Each Tab

  • There are 4 tabs on 'My Bookshelf' for educators

    • Adopted: This tab will show you a list of books currently adopted on your account

    • To Review: Any title you request to review will be listed under this section

    • Customized: This tab lists any title you began to modify or customize, but did not complete. If you start modifying a title, and want to pick back up where you left off, you would go to 'unpublished projects' to continue with edits until you are ready to submit it to be published

    • Hidden: This tab shows the list of adopted books you 'hid' from appearing on our site as a current, registered adoption.

  • Homework: Lists all of your homework courses. If you are using homework through FlatWorld's platform directly, then this is also where you would go to create or edit assignments, check students grades and so on. To learn more about FlatWorld homework, please contact your rep or our support team. Please note: if your homework course is integrated, access to the homework will be through whichever Learning Management System your school uses.

  • My Account: Displays your account profile information


Q: Why am I receiving an 'access expired' message when attempting to view my text?

A: Causes could vary; please contact for more information regarding expired access.

Q: Why can I not access my previous adoption?

A: The registered adoption has expired and would need to be re-adopted on your account to restore access.

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