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Using FlatWorld Homework Visual Accessibility Tools
Using FlatWorld Homework Visual Accessibility Tools
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When completing assignments in FlatWorld Homework there are several visual accessibility options available to you. This article details the visual accessibility features of the Homework platform only. For more information on FlatWorld's accessibility commitments and policies see our Accessibility page.

To access the visual accessibility tools, click the "Accessibility" button which is the second button from the left at the top of the screen:

Screenshot of an open assignment in FlatWorld Homework. The "Accessibility" button is highlighted with a red outline. It is located under the heading which has the word "Courses" followed by the name of the course and the name of the assignment, and is the second button from the left. The first button says "Full Screen".

This will open the "Accessibility Options" dialog box.

If you are on a small screen or mobile device you should instead click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the menu, then select "Accessibility" there.

Color Scheme

There are six color schemes available to suit varying accessibility needs including high and low contrast options. The options are:

  • Black on white (default)

  • Grey on light grey

  • Purple on light green

  • Black on violet

  • Yellow on navy

  • White on black

To change to one of the other options, click on it on the list to implement it, including on the dialog box. To confirm your selection click "OK" in the dialog box, and you will be returned to your assignment, now with the selected color scheme.

A screenshot of the accessibility options dialog box in FlatWorld Homework with the "Color Scheme" tab selected. The "Black on violet" scheme has been selected and the dialog box is displayed in those colors. A red rectangle highlights the selection and an arrow points from there to the "OK" button in the lower right corner of box which is also highlighted with a red rectangle.

Font Size

To change the font size on your assignments select the second tab, labeled "Font size" in the Accessibility options dialog box. Then, select the font size you want to use from the available list. As with the color scheme, to set your answer and return to your assignment click "OK".

A screenshot of the Accessibility options dialog box in FlatWorld Homework. The second tab titled "Font size" is open, and the options displayed are Small (75%), Normal (100%), Large (125%), Extra Large (150%), and Huge (175%).


If the font options are insufficient or you need to enlarge an image (which will not be affected by the font size options, although numbers, equations, and tables will be), you can follow the instructions in the "Zoom" tab if you are on a laptop or desktop computer. The directions will be suited to your device.

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