FlatWorld Troubleshooting

This article covers basic troubleshooting for purchasing, redemption, and homework assignment access.

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*PLEASE NOTE: If you do not find a resolution to the issue you are experiencing in this article, please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service for assistance. Thank you!


We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome as your Browser. You can download it here. Updating your browser or clearing your browser cache will resolve most issues.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, we recommend that you use a different browser e.g. Firefox or Safari, for the time being or try a different device. Please feel free to report any continuing issues to FlatWorld Customer Service.

Redeeming a Code

  1. Make sure that every letter in the code is correct and that you have not used a Zero when the letter "O" is required, or vice versa.

  2. If there is a character that you do not recognize, or looks like it is an error (a ?, #, or ¥) assume that it is a ZERO.

  3. Sometime the redemption does not go through immediately in our system, and you may be informed you are reading a complimentary preview of the book. Simply log out and log back in and you will have access to the full book.

Online Reader

  1. Some of our chapters in some of our titles do not have Flashcards and quizzes. If you get a message saying that they do not exist, it means that for that particular chapter and section, the cards and quizzes are not available. 

  2. If you see an error in the book, please feel free to report it to us!

  3. If the highlighting/notes tool is not working properly, try disabling any ad or pop-up blocking software in your browser.

FlatWorld Homework

  1. If your homework page is stuck on "Authenticating", please make sure that you are using the latest version of the Chrome Browser and that you have cleared your Chrome Browser Cache. The steps for these processes can be found under "General" at the top of this article.

  2. Do not DOUBLE click on assignments to open them. Please use single-clicks only.

  3. "Book is not Accessible" - If you have already purchased the book, but the homework system informs you that you do not have it, you may have the wrong version of the book or may have purchased under a different email. Please try logging in with a different email. If you still cannot locate the book through the My Books tab, please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service for assistance.

  4. 'You have already reached the maximum number of attempts for this assignment.' If you see this error and have never taken the assignment, or have not reached the maximum number of attempts, please reach out to FlatWorld Customer Service and they will assist you with resolving the error.

  5. Homework does not fully load. If your Chrome browser is up to date, and you have already cleared your Cookies and other site data, please make sure that any ad or pop up blockers are disabled or allow practice.flatworldknowledge.com.

  6. Unable to switch between digital keyboards when taking homework. If you are unable to switch keyboards (multiple keyboards are common in math and chemistry courses to enter different symbols and terms), please make sure that you have disabled any ad-blocking or pop-up blocking software or browser extensions. You can also set these ad or pop-up block settings to allow the following sites: practice.flatworldknowledge.com, items.learnosity.com, and questions.learnosity.com. If the issue persists after these changes, please try using a private or incognito window. If you still cannot change the keyboard, contact FlatWorld Customer Service, or try to use a physical keyboard.

  7. Exam says 'Time's Up' before you can start it. This is most likely because the time on your computer is not set to the time zone in which you are currently. Please make sure the time is correctly set on your computer based on your area. Once done, your professor will have to delete your attempt from submissions so you can attempt it again.

Known Issues with Safari

There is a known issue for users trying to access our homework system in the Safari browser. Instructions on how to troubleshoot this issue can be found here.

FlatWorld Purchase/Checkout Process

  • If you choose UPS as your shipping type, entering a PO box as an address may not allow for the order to go through. In this case, you can choose a USPS shipping option.

  • If the screen is not moving to the payment step in the checkout, this could be an issue with your ad / pop-up blocker. Please deactivate the ad / pop-up blocker, and try again! 


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