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How to Edit/Copy Questions in FlatWorld Homework
How to Edit/Copy Questions in FlatWorld Homework
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This article is for cases where you want a pre-existing question in FlatWorld Homework to have a different number of points or want to use the information in the question but write a different question. It will guide you through making a custom copy of the question which can then be edited by you. Any edits you make will only be made to your copy.

If you believe that a FlatWorld-provided question has an error, please submit an error report, and our team will review the question and make any necessary changes. Edits to the textbook questions themselves can ONLY be made by FlatWorld, as they need to be vetted.

Begin in Step 2 - Add Questions in the FlatWorld Homework tool. Click on the text of the question you want to edit/copy to open the full question preview, then click the three dots in the upper right corner of the preview to open the menu, and select "Create a custom copy":

A screenshot of Step 2 - Question selection in FlatWorld Homework. An arrow points from the text "1: Click the question" to one of the questions displayed on the left of the page. Another arrow points from the text "2: Click the menu dots in the question preview" to the three vertical dots of that menu in the upper right corner of the question preview. A third arrow points from the text "3: Click "Create a custom copy"" to that option in the menu.

This will create the copy and take you to the question editor where you can make the changes you want.

A screenshot of the FlatWorld Homework question editor. The words "Question Editor" appear in the upper left corner. Under them is the question type, then the question stem, and the available answers, with the option to add additional answers via a button that reads +Add. On the left of the page is a preview of the question.

Editing the main question and the answers

Each question starts with a main question. In the image above it is "What colors are leaves in the fall? Choose all that apply."

This section should also contain any necessary directions about things like including units, the ability to choose more than one answer, etc. Students do not interact with this part of the question.

You can make edits in this section like you would in a word processor. When you click into it you will also see an editing toolbar, with symbols like the ones you see in word processors which allow you to add styles like bold or italics and choose the alignment of your text.

A screenshot of the editing toolbar in FlatWorld Homework's question editor.

Under this, you will find the answer options, which vary depending on the question format. These can be edited in the same way as the question itself.

Setting correct answers and changing point values

Setting the correct answers for a question is done by entering the answers you want students to give. You can add alternate answers (which will also receive full credit) by clicking the "+" sign next to the set answer:

A screenshot of the set correct answers section of the question editor. A red arrow points to the point value which reads "5" and is highlighted so that typing would overwrite the current value.

If you want to change the point value of a question, you can click into the point value box, delete the current value, and enter the value you want to use:

Saving and returning to question selection

Once you are done making changes to the question, return to the top of the page and click "Save".

A screenshot of the top of the Question Editor. A red arrow points to the save button in the upper right of the page which is highlighted with a red outline. Above the save button is the Delete button.

The message "Changes successfully saved" should appear at the bottom of your screen:

Screenshot of "Changes successfully saved" message.

You can return to the question selection screen by clicking "Back to all questions":

Screenshot of the Question editor. A red arrow points to the "Back to all questions" button at the top of the page. It is the third button from the right ("Copy" is the second button from the right, and "Delete" is the rightmost button at the top of the page.).

Adding your custom copy to assignments

You will be taken back to the question selection page with the preview of your new question loaded, and the question will have been added to the bottom of the question list:

A screenshot of a FlatWorld Homework assignment on step 2 "Add Questions". At the top of the page the "Textbook" option under "Add Questions From" is not checked, and the "My custom questions" box to the right of it is checked. Red arrows point to each of these boxes.

To add it to your assignment, check the box as normal when adding questions.

Your custom copies of questions will appear as custom questions, so if you want to only see the questions you have customized, uncheck the "Textbook" option at the top of the page. If you do not see your customized questions, make sure that the "My custom questions" box is checked.

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